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the story thus far, chapters 101 - 137

chapters 1-25

chapters 26-50

chapters 51-75

chapters 76-100

chapters with asterisks* edited by Prof. Dan Leo. others by rhoda penmarq

*101 - "Mack is back" - introduce MACK TREACHER, private eye/ex-Navy Seal from 21st century, who returns in time machine to 1950 for "one last job". Naturally, he lands outside the Hotel St Crispian.

102 - "in the arena" - continuation of corporal gray's story told in angle bar - he recounts dream of being in the roman arena.

103 - "all the cards" - further continuation of corporal gray's story - he recounts warning from "little witch" - gray, colonel collinson and williams set out on mysterious visit.

*104 - "the poet" - return to Sniffy and Rooster at Bowery Bar - Rooster buys another poem, this one from Irish poet SEAMAS MCSEAMAS

105 - "'i'll have to talk to my friend" - jake returns to the hotel accompanied by lullaby, unduly alarming stan.

*106 - "the last chance" - Flossie and Hyacinth return from automat, Flossie convinces Hyacinth to visit Prince Hal Room - further reveries of Roland the night clerk.

107 - "somebody uptown" - jake returns from errand, leaves lullaby at automat. stan begins to disguise himself. cosette offers to question lullaby as to his "proposition" involving ex-corporal gray.

108 - "no good is a bourgeois concept" -corporal gray and miss laura lou hanging out in coffee shop on 42nd st. miss laura suggests trying to make a few dollars off pete palomine.

*109 - "a sensitive guy" -continuation of Mack Treacher story. Mack, seeking Burgoyne and O'Toole, enters Prince Hal room.

110 - "a pair of brown shoes" -fortescue and carol arrive downtown at fortescue's office. they enter coffee shop across street from office and discover a dead body.

111 - "speaking of kefauver" -miss laura lou and gray continue search for pete palomine. thoughts on the implications of the new invention, television.

112 - "live in memory forever" -nolan enters prince hal room, encounters mack treacher.

*113 - "The Lawn's Lament" - Sniffy and Rooster still waiting on the two Bills at Bob's Bowery Bar. Rooster buys yet another poem, this time from "nature poet" FRANK X FAGEN

114 - "it's always friends who have stories" - cosette and jake arrive at automat to talk to lullaby lewinsky about gray's story. stan, his appearance altered, talks to mortimer before leaving hotel.

115- "an eternity of black yawning damnation" - miss laura lou and gray catch up with pete palomine at leo's coffee shop - he agrees to let them paint pictures for him - introduce "little rich chick" DOLLY MAINWARING, disenchanted associate of pete palomine, also times square habitue TESS THE TARANTULA, and as yet nameless former assistant poetry editor of the new yorker.

*116- "The Ballad of You and Me and Us" - the romantic poet HECTOR PHILLIPS STONE resolves to commit suicide, but his fate is postponed when he seizes an opportunity to sell a poem to Rooster at the Bowery Bar.

117- "just part of the dream" - new york detectives MULLIHAN and VARNEY arrive at coffee shop to question fortescue and carol about the dead man they discovered

118- "play ball" - carol and fortescue accompany mullihan to police station. he begins questioning them.

119- "a very subtle game" - poker game at red's diner begins to break up. detective flanagan arrives.

120- "without being too extraneous" - stan slade makes his way past the desk and out of the hotel and enters the automat - gray, miss laura lou and pete palomine in cab to pete's studio - in automat, lullaby begins his recounting of gray's tale to cosette and jake.

121- " modulations of a bar napkin" - back at bowery bar, rooster starts a poem oh his own. tired of waiting on the two bills, sniffy persuades rooster to go in search of another dealer, BUNCHY. she begins to edit and complete rooster's poem. introduce another, so far nameless poet.

122- " the same magnetic cloud" - the two bills, trying to score an ounce of marijuana to sell to sniffy and rooster, wait for their connection in a nameless coffee shop. the conversation turns to the subject of social control.

123- " mortimer of mars" - having seen stan safely off, mortimer falls asleep at his post, dreams he is on mars

124- "joey is unavailable" - angie quits poker game, floats with red the possibility of involvement in her art scam/heist. inquires after "JOEY SHAKESPEARE" apparently an actor available for criminal activity.

125- "the testing of mort-el" -continuation of mortimer's martian dream - he wakes up, goes in search of hyacinth

126- "the discrimination of proper placement" - introduce JASPER MCCARTHY, a fellow reporter of flossie's on the federal-democrat, and an aspiring drunkard and novelist, who enters prince hal room just before closing time

127- "these are the slimes that slice the limes " - inebriated flossie leaves even more inebriated hyacinth in prince hal room, heads to federal-democrat office. stan, in automat, is confronted by bowery betty.

128- "late sleepers and criminal types " - return to police station - mullihan calls collinson residence to verify alibis of fortescue and carol - introduce rookie detective DOOLEY - red gives angie a lift back to hotel, from poker game.

129- "mysteries of the green room" - prince hal room closes for night, over objections of jasper - mack treacher, still pursuing burgoyne and o'toole, "senses" them in green room, decides to wait in alley for them.

130- "every question has a hundred answers" - in automat, stan slade is approached by suspicious bowery betty - angie is dropped off at automat by red - pete palomine, accompanied by corporal gray and miss laura lou, also decides to stop at automat

131- "the long night stretches" - detective dooley heads uptown, accompanied by stoolie FEEB FOSBERG - in automat, betty continues to suspect stan - angie arrives at automat, as do gray, miss laura lou, and pete palomine - angie recognizes stan, introduces herself to him

132- "triple play" - detective dooley arrives at automat, arrests stan slade, angie, and gray.

133- "time to wrap things up" - mack treacher hears from the professor, is told to cancel mission. bartender raoul, closing prince hal room, breaks up gathering in green room.

134- "a revolution in human understanding" - carol and fortescue still at police station, word of arrests at automat is received; sniffy, at bowery bar, is told by PERCIVAL MORGENTHALER about his ground-breaking study

135- "all nights are long" - pete palomine returns to his loft, encounters rooster and bunchy, trying to score dope; at police station,mullihan lets carol and fortescue go.

136- "a new day" - michael aka henry returns home to elmhurst ny, resigned to carol's departure; fortescue agrees to take carol on as girl friday; hyacinth returns to apartment, looking forward to life with stan's ill-gotten goods

137- "is life a dream?" - mortimer stops in at automat, then goes home to his apartment. conclusion of series.

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