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the story thus far, chapters 26-50.

chapters 1 - 25

chapters with asterisks* edited by Prof. Dan Leo. others by rhoda penmarq

26 - “shirley” - back story of shirley de la salle.

*27 - "a stranger appears" - "man with mustache" buys conrad a drink. conrad agonizes over speaking to him.

28 -"jake's not here" - nolan appears at hyacinth's door. she stalls for time as stan takes jake down fire escape to room 603.

29 - "a certain discrimination" - angie (now "disguised" as blonde) arrives back in new york by plane. begins cab ride from airport to st crispian. introduce MAC the cab driver.

*30 - "without a tip" - hyacinth lets nolan into apartment. he questions her about jake and "gentleman caller".

*31 - "Rumble in the Prince Hal Room" - nolan looks through apartment, continues to press hyacinth. mortimer arrives - announces "rumble in the prince hal room".

32 - "hyacinth - miss brown to you" - beginning of back story of hyacinth, formerly agatha brown. introduce drama teacher MISS DORIAN and high school swain BILL BRADFORD

33 - "across time and space" - introduce FRED FLYNN, sci-fi writer living in hotel. visited by farmer brown, who gossips about jake, and about stan.

*34 - "prelude to a rumble" - "man with mustache" introduces self to conrad and carol - he is frisco johnny ramirez! - conrad slugs johnny for remarks about angie.

35 - "stanley: long ago sunny afternoon" - beginning of back story of stan. introduce RITA, older woman who leads young stanley astray.

36 - "stanley: to build a dream on" - continuation of 35. rita enlists stan's help in disposing of jewelry. reference to MAX JACOBS, pawnbroker.

*37 - "My Name is Hyacinth Wilde" - continuation of hyacinth's back story. she arrives in new york, heads to Demotic Theater. introduce actor/director ANGUS STRONGBOW and playwright ARTEMIS BOLDWATER, also aspiring actress MISS FORSYTHE.

38 - "in a civilized manner" - cut back to prince hal room, recap of conrad slugging frisco johnny. they take fight outside, followed by bar patrons, including "hipsters" LANDON CROW and SNIFFY SMITH. fade to angie crossing bridge in cab.

*39 - "nothing like a lady" - nolan and mortimer arrive in deserted prince hal room. nolan declines to intervene in fight, until he realizes frisco johnny is involved, then he heads outside.

40 - "the cabbie's tale" - mac the cabdriver relates his wartime experiences to angie.

*41 - "room 603" - jake wakes up. stan puts fear into him, then relents, recruits him.

42 - "enter flossie" - scene: times square bar. introduce FLOSSIE FLANAGAN, reporter. she obtains hyacinth's address, resolves to question her about stan

*43 - "Mortimer's theory" - back story of Mortimer. his view of the universe.

44 - "flossie vs hyacinth" - from pay phone in bar, flossie calls hyacinth at hotel. hyacinth agrees to be interviewed. first sight of desk clerk ROLAND

*45 - "a friendly argument" - nolan breaks up fight. patrons return to bar. conrad and johnny discuss possible boxing career for conrad.

*46 - "Call me Mac" - angie arrives at hotel. gives mac big tip, gets his phone number for possible future collaboration.

47 - "all in this together" - angie checks in at front desk, goes up to room. jake returns to front desk, after getting story straight with stan. angie gives big tip to bellhop CHESTER, tells him she "needs a friend"

48 - "midnight swim" - return to al's bar. introduce PHIL O'HARA. who has dug up background on angie for vance and gracchus. first mention of possible art heist.

*49 - "the night clerk" - back story of roland

50 - "enter cosette" - jake reports to bernstein, who is skeptical but accepts his story of falling down and hitting head. cosette discovers stan in room 603. she questions him, is skeptical of his answers. he threatens her, then attempts to recruit her.

chapters 51 - 75

chapters 76-100

chapters 101 -

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