Wednesday, August 22, 2012

the story thus far, chapters 1-25

original story by Horace P Sternwall.

screen play by Horace P Sternwall and manfred skyline.

chapters with asterisks* edited by Prof. Dan Leo. others by rhoda penmarq

1. “slade busts out” - introduce broadway actress (and favored cripian resident) HYACINTH WILDE and her MAID, in her suite. they talk about STAN SLADE, international jewel thief (and former paramour of hyacinth) who has just broken out of prison. cut to hotel lobby, introduce house detective NOLAN and hotel residents and lobby sitters "FARMER BROWN"and MISS CHARLTON aka AUNT CAROLINE

*2. "class" - introduce MORTIMER the elevator operator, bandleader TONY WINSTON. mortimer speaks glowingly of slade.

3. "the hitchhiker” - introduce middle class couple CAROL and "HENRY" (real name MICHAEL) CHANDLER. first appearance of SLADE. carol and henry are heading into new york for party. carol is annoyed at henry's cautious driving in fog. they pick up the hitchhiking slade, who takes over as driver. they drop him off in vicinity of st crispian.

*4. “hyacinth” - slade makes his way to hyacinth's apartment. first mention of trunk. first appearance of COSETTE (not named)

5. “angie” - introduce wealthy young man about town CONRAD COLLINSON, and ANGIE, young woman of mysterious origin he is in love with. also the two BILLS (automat habitues). conrad is waiting for angie in automat. she appears with two detectives - she accuses conrad of white slavery. conrad's package - which he thinks is brooch for his aunt miss charlton - is found to contain drugs. conrad is arrested, booked and released. first mention of FRISCO JOHNNY RAMIREZ

*6. "the trunk" - stan and hyacinth open stan's trunk

7. “somewhere in the night” - carol makes scene at party. throws drink in face of hostess ESTELLE. fights with henry, goes in search of stan slade at st crispian's.

*8. "room service, or speak my hungry heart" - introduce JAKE the bellhop. mortimer and jake in elevator - mortimer deduces that the meal jake is carrying to hyacinth's room is for stan.

9. "softboiled tangerine" - introduce MRS COLLINSON (conrad's mother). conrad at breakfast, then leaves for court appearance re his arrest the previous night. introduce WILLIAMS the butler, DAVIS the chauffeur

*10. “olaf” - introduce OLAF the doorman. carol appears at back door of hotel, wanting to help slade. olaf is polite but noncommittal. she goes to Prince Hal Room. conrad appears.

11. "galapagos tangerine" - conrad and chauffeur davis on way to court. - looking for info on angie, they stop and ask MIKE (street person) about address on 193rd st, also galapagos consulate. they arrive at courthouse, meet lawyers PERKINS and WILL WILEY

*12 - "Farmer" Brown - back story of Farmer Brown

13 - "jake gets ideas" - jake enters hyacinth's apartment - he tries to extort money from stan by threatening him with exposure

*14 - "Aunt Caroline" - back story of Aunt Caroline

15 - "the detectives" - scene in al's bar, a hangout for private detectives - introduce owner AL, detectives FLANAGAN, FORTESCUE, VIC VANCE and LOU GRACCHUS. vance and gracchus intercept call from will wiley to fortescue, persuade wiley to hire them, rather than fortescue,to find/get info on the mysterious angie.

*16 - "vile little man" - jake continues attempt to try to shake down stan.

*17 - "wages of greed" - continuation of 16. hyacinth incapacitates jake with liquor bottle on head.

18 - “galapagos sunset” - angie on beach in galapagos (?) with nameless associate. she regrets fiasco with conrad - references to RAMON and frisco johnny ramirez

19 - "gramercy 7-5316" - vance and gracchus contact collinson residence from al's bar - then appear there to confer with conrad re finding angie

*20 - "wolverington" - back story of LORD WOLVERINGTON, crony of Aunt Caroline

21 - " improvisation" - stan and hyacinth try to deal with comatose jake. front desk calls, looking for him.

*22 - "Nolan" - back story on Nolan. introduce BERNSTEIN (hotel manager) who informs nolan jake is missing

23 - "the conspirators" - hyacinth finds mortimer, enlists his help with jake. he tells her of room 603, used by management to stash drunks.

*24 - "end of the line" - Tony Winston and his Winstonians ponder their fates. introduce SHIRLEY DE LA SALLE, singer with band.

*25 - "Balls" - conrad enters Prince Hal room, strikes up conversation with Carol. "man with mustache" enters.

chapters 26-50

chapters 51-75

chapters 76-100

chapters 101 -

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